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We making flooring from a variety of different wood species. Mainly we use the follow species, but we run other for special orders:


Natural Birch

Red Birch

American Cherry


Brown Hickory

Hard Maple

Brown Sugar Maple

Red Oak


White Oak

Rift/Quarter Sawn Red Oak

Rift/Quarter Sawn White Oak

Each wood species is split into different grades and widths (1.5" - 9" depending on the species). The majority of our hardwood flooring is split into three grades: select, #1, and #2. Some wood species, such as Maple, are graded as #1, #2, and #3. The flooring is graded by color, knots, worm holes, and other variations in the wood.

For wood species except Maple,

Flooring that is graded as “Select” is most uniform looking flooring. It is the top grade, and is made from the “cleanest” boards. This grade does allow for small pin knots and minimal natural color variations in the boards.

Flooring that is graded as “#1” is not quite as uniform appearing as “Select.” The grade allows for more natural color variations in the wood, and more sap wood in the boards. It also allows for slightly larger and more frequent knots in the boards.

Flooring placed in the “#2” grade is often referred to as “rustic” flooring. This grade includes the full natural variation of color, streaks, and knots in the wood species. It allows for bigger and more plentiful knots than flooring placed in the “#1” grade. Flooring in this grade typically has a shorter average piece length than “Select” or “#1.” This grade allows for larger knots and nonstructural defects, such as small surface cracks.

Maple is graded a bit differently;

First grade (#1) maple is the taken from the whitest boards. It does allow for some natural color variations and some natural dark streaks in the wood. It also allows for some small pin knots in the boards.

Second grade (#2) maple allows for more dark heart wood than first grade maple. It also allows for more natural color variation in the lighter pieces. It will also feature more tight knots, and more dark streaks in the wood.

Third grade (#3) maple, often referred to as calico maple, allows for more dark heart wood, longer dark streaks, and more knots. Third grade maple is more rustic looking than #1 or #2 Maple. 

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