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Autumnal Changes and Fluctuating Humidity

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Summer has come and past, and fall is upon us. It is exciting to see the changes that season brings with it: changing colors, thanksgiving and Halloween decorations, and pumpkins everywhere. One of the unseen changes that autumn brings with it is the change in humidity.

When it comes to Hardwood flooring, moisture control is a huge part of maintaining a healthy and beautiful floor. As the warm summer air is replaced by the cool breeze of Autumn, houses are heated instead of cooled, which causes a significant change in humidity levels in a home. Relative humidity should be kept at about 40-50% in homes and areas with hardwood flooring in the Midwest (recommended humidity varies depending on the climate). Relative humidity means the humidity level associated with the air at a certain temperature. It is difficult to maintain a precise relative humidity level without the aid of an automated moisture control unit. A hydrometer is a great tool to track the moisture level in a home.

There are a variety of ways to control the moisture level in a room or throughout a house. Finding the right one for you depends on your flooring, your climate, and your heat source. Failing to maintain a proper moisture level can lead to gapped, cracked, buckled, or split flooring, which is expensive to replace. So show your wood floors some love this fall and invest in a humidity control unit for your wood floors.

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