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From Flooring to Floor

The installation process can be so exciting and overwhelming. First, each bundle of flooring is taken apart the pieces are selected and placed end to end in a row across the room, they are then nailed down on the tongue end and another row is laid out and the process is repeated across the room. Depending on the width of the flooring this can seem to go by in a whirl wind or it can seem to take an eternity. Some installers, depending on the width of the flooring (the wider the flooring the more likely it is to happen), will choose to glue down each piece as it is installed to prevent cupping and warping of the boards as humidity and temperature changes.

Once the initial installation process is completed, the floor is sanded to prepare it to be coated with a protective sealer sanded again and coated with a finish (sometimes the floor is stained with a decorative stain to enhance or change the color of the wood).

(Natural Birch floor being sanded)

At this point the excitement of seeing your floor fully installed can be overwhelming, but that is nothing compared to the beauty that is shown in the wood when the sealer and finish are being applied.

(Sealer being applied to Natural Birch flooring)

As pictured, applying the sealer greatly enhances the grain and natural beauty of each piece of flooring. After the sealer is applied, the floor is lightly sanded again to eliminate any raised grain; the floor is then cleaned to remove dust and the first layer of finish is applied. After the first layer of finish has dried, the floor is once again very lightly sanded or abraded. This is done to create an optimal surface for the final coat of finish to properly adhere to the floor. Depending on the chemical makeup of your finish, the color may slightly change over time so make sure to consult your installer and choose a finish that is right for you. The floor pictured was sealed with Bona Intense Sealer and finished with Bona Traffic HD Satin.

(Final Product - 2.25" Natural Birch Select and #1 Mix Grade)

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