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What About Wall Color?

So you have your new wood floor! And you love it; but now comes another decision.... What color should you paint the walls?

Each wood species has a unique undertone, this means that you can find a color that looks great with any floor! When choosing a color, do not be afraid to go bold. When done correctly, the bold color will not take away from your beautiful floor, it will only add to its beauty.

As pictured below, opposite sides of the color wheel pair together quite nicely. The pale green walls look stunning next to the Cherry floors and woodwork; Periwinkle looks lovely with a Natural Birch.

If bold is not for you, you can always go with a classic white or off white.

Really, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

So have fun! Take a trip to the paint store and give it a shot.

Hardwood Floors of Hillsboro

E18054 Pine Hill Road Hillsboro Wi, 54634 Phone: (608) 489-2828

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